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Certified personal trainers, competitive bodybuilders, business partners, and brothers, Albert and George Gonzalez bring a level knowledge, professionalism and personal commitment to their craft rarely seen in the fitness world.

The team started out in 1988 as freelance certified personal trainers working with clients in New York and New Jersey. Offering a proven formula that combined exercise, diet and time management techniques, word spread quickly and their client list grew. In 1992 they opened East Coast Muscle and Fitness in West New York which recently celebrated its 22nd anniversary with more than 27,000 members.

For the next two and a half decades, Albert and George have offered personalized exercise prescriptions to more than 11,500 clients from all walks of life, from bodybuilders in the physique world to busy executives, physicians and health care professionals, actors, models, musicians and pro athletes. They have built a strong following among local and state police, FBI and clients from all branches of the US Armed Forces. And their innovative training methods and results are sought by more than 150 physique competitors for contest related to bodybuilding, bikini and figure. Their clients have amassed over 35 First Place trophies including Anna Decastro who won the pro “Worlds Best Body” contest in the INBF.

Always practicing everything they preach, in 1990 Albert and George became competitive bodybuilders in the NPC (National Physique Committee) and competed for the next 11 years. Albert serves as an NPC judge.

A graduate of Rutgers University, George Gonzalez has a degree in psychology and minor in kinesiology. He has a brown belt in Goshin Ryu karate, and more than 18 years of formal martial arts and boxing training.

Albert Gonzalez was certified by Jersey City University as a fitness specialist. An ex Golden Gloves boxer and a black belt in Shotokan karate, Albert has been training mixed martial arts and self-defense for over 25 years.

In 2010 Albert and George released “THE FIT.” Self-improvement through health and fitness.” It is the culmination of 20+ years proven workout plans, strategic menu plans, goalsetting and time management into their own signature exercise system.

Albert was hired by Accurate Diagnostic Labs in 2013 as a product specialist.

In 2013 Albert and George were hired by the UFC gym in Edgewater, New Jersey and serve as resident nutritionist and exercise specialist.


The Business
In 1992 a small well kept 4,500sqft facility was established, and now has grown into an 8,500sqft full service facility. East Coast Muscle and Fitness, now boast 50 cardiovascular machines, 50 selected weight machines, weight room with pre-fixed dumbbells and barbells up to 130lbs. Also E.C.M.F has now added a multipurpose room used for boxing, stretching, and plyometrics available to all members.

George and Albert believe in minimal advertising, instead concentrating on past client transformations and word of mouth referrals. No sales tricks, gimmicks, or long term contracts, no registration fees or maintenance fees.

Since the purchase of the building in 1999 East Coast has succeeded where many others close before their 10th anniversary. East Coast Muscle and Fitness is more rock solid than ever.

If ever visiting E.C.M.F you will be greeted with a free (3) day pass to view and experience the facility for yourself. The decision is all yours and we appreciate your time in viewing our website!
Thank you
Sincerely Yours,
George and Albert Gonzalez

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