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Mission Statement
East Coast Muscle and Fitness opened its’ doors in March of 1992 with the intentions of being the most serious and advanced training facility in the area.

Owned and operated by George and Albert Gonzalez, their goal has always been to attract members of all fitness levels, while helping them achieve their specific goals. Using their unique training system and their hands approach, they have successfully trained and assisted most of the 10,000 members of E.C.M.F. This hands on approach has produced an atmosphere where members and trainers have a close relationship and results are the priority rather than making money and selling personal training packages.

George and Albert are not “PERSONAL BABY SITTERS” who just walk you through a routine, shake your hand, and tell you how good you look. George and Albert are certified Fitness Specialist who feel responsible not just to provide a client with a good workout, but an entire plan that covers the following:

  1. Cardiovascular plan to burn Body Fat. The number of weeks and the speed the cardio needs to be done at.
  2. Menu Plan or Diet Plan, to ensure the client has the correct amount of calories in order to be able to have the energy to workout and to produce the body they want.
  3. George and Albert have years of experience and workout knowledge to further aid and support client success.
This level of commitment and responsibility ensures that both the client and trainer are honest to themselves and the objectives at hand. That's why Albert and George look at the big picture to achieve the total transformation of the individual.


Albert and George are certified personal trainers through JGPT since 1988 and have over 60,000 hours in training clients one on one.

Both Albert and George are certified fitness specialist and are certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well being certified through the American Personal Training Association.

Since 1992 Albert and George have owned and operated East Coast Muscle and Fitness and have trained and assisted most of its 10,000 customers.

Albert and George are both competitive athletes and are former Body Building competitors in the N.P.C. (National Physique Committee) which further aids in training their clients. Albert was appointed as an NPC Judge in 2009.

Both Albert and George have trained 150 men and women for physique shows, including Figure, Body Building, and ßBeauty Pageants.

Albert’s and George’s specialty is 12 week transformation and some of our past clients have been featured in Play Boy, Calvin Klein, Maxim, Men’s Exercise and Ana DeCastro WNBF "World's Best Body" to name a few.


The Business
In 1992 a small well kept 4,500sqft facility was established, and now has grown into an 8,500sqft full service facility. East Coast Muscle and Fitness, now boast 50 cardiovascular machines, 50 selected weight machines, weight room with pre-fixed dumbbells and barbells up to 130lbs. Also E.C.M.F has now added a multipurpose room used for boxing, stretching, and plyometrics available to all members.

George and Albert believe in minimal advertising, instead concentrating on past client transformations and word of mouth referrals. No sales tricks, gimmicks, or long term contracts, no registration fees or maintenance fees.

Since the purchase of the building in 1999 East Coast has succeeded where many others close before their 10th anniversary. East Coast Muscle and Fitness is more rock solid than ever.

If ever visiting E.C.M.F you will be greeted with a free (3) day pass to view and experience the facility for yourself. The decision is all yours and we appreciate your time in viewing our website!
Thank you
Sincerely Yours,
George and Albert Gonzalez

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